OVH inaugurates its new R&D center in Quebec

April 16, 2015 marked an important milestone in the expansion of OVH in North America. After Montreal and Beauharnois, the leader of Digital as a Service strengthens its position by opening a new technological center located in the heart of Quebec City, dedicated to cloud innovation, connect objects and new media. Return to that memorable day.

It is 1:45 p.m. in the Saint-Roch district at the heart of Quebec City and in a few minutes a press conference will kickoff sealing the implantation of OVH's newest location. Centered around Henryk Klaba, co-founder and deputy CEO of the company,coming from France for the occasion, joins the players and institutional partners of the project as they make their way, one last time around the table before taking the stage.

“It’s an enormous pleasure for me to assist in the birth of this new subsidiary,” announces Henryk Klaba in front of the 20 journalist present,recalling quickly how “OVH is different than its competitors”: R&D helps assure assemblage, “internally more than 500 servers per day”, construction “of our own data centers”, liquid cooling “unique in the world” allowing for the achievement of a power usage efficiency record (PUE between 1.1 and 1.2)… If the list of accomplishments is long in terms of hardware, it will be one of the missions of the Quebec office “to study the field of software”, developing new services that are more innovative, efficient and secure for OVH customers worldwide. User experience will be central to the mission of this new business unit,
which will take advantage of the “pool of talent that Quebec offers, intellectually it's comparable to Silicon Valley," says Mr. Klaba.

The two pillars of the R&D office in Quebec (left to right): Frank Häuselmann, Chief Technology Officer, and Pierre Leroux, VP User Experience

Connected objects, virtual reality and smart cities

Subject matter that Pierre Leroux knows only too well. Vice President of User Experience at OVH, will lead the new site and expresses his "love with the place" where he moved to six years ago. This former video game producer praised “the creativity, abundance and energy" of a place which stands alone on the IT map. Backed by Frank Häuselmann, the new Director of Technology, his mandate is to "create new experiences in the cloud" and reshuffle the cards "these revolutions are upon us" connected objects, virtual reality, smart cities... OVH is about to conquer so many new territories while promoting "co-development with the start-up community in Quebec and by working with schools, colleges and universities in the city."

Made possible with the support of Québec International and financial contributions by Investissement Québec and the City of Quebec for a total of nearly $400,000, this project is part of an effort of a 32.9 million dollar investment by OVH. The European cloud leader promises to develop its North American anchor throughout the Quebec province, through the creation of 150 jobs by 2018, including 50 directly assigned to the new center for research and development -the rest will be divided between Montreal, the historic seat of OVH Canada, and Beauharnois, where the company has opened the largest data center in the world in early 2013.

The arrival of OVH is "a winning choice for all of Quebec," expressed Jacques Daoust, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Exports, noting that "it is through these types of projects that economic prosperity can be secure" in the region. "The city is there to greet you," reiterated Sam Hamad, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, which did not fail to recall the "unique character" of OVH and the virtuous circle that this type of implantation engenders for employment in the region. As a symptom of this phenomenon, "it is the 3rd ICT company to settle here in the last two weeks," stated with pleasure the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume who is personally committed to this project after meeting with, last October, Pierre Leroux and Octave Klaba, founder and president of OVH. "I immediately jumped on the phone to call Sam," recalled the mayor, still excited by the conversation.

The first wave of recruitment has been launched. Developers of applications and interfaces, IT engineers, DevOps, security engineers, user experience analysts, web designers, artists ... The range of jobs available is vast and reflects the ambition of a company that continues to rhyme expansion with innovation.

The press conference gave way to a second event, more informal, bringing together fifty players from the world of new technology and local startups. Coming together to celebrate the arrival of this new partner, they wove together the first threads of a very promising mesh for OVH. As a sign of healthy competition, more than 100 CVs had been received within 24 hours of the event.

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