CDN - Content Delivery Network

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3 PoPs
Accelerate your website
Boost your SEO ranking
HTTP/2 Protocol

US$ 1.19 (ex. GST)/month
(Included in the Performance plan)

With our three points of presence (PoPs), you can speed up your services by reducing the time it takes to access your web applications. Our fully-automated system will cache all of your static files, and the quicker response times will boost your SEO ranking.

Our points of presence

1 PoP in the US

Beauharnois (Canada)

2 PoPs in Europe

Roubaix (France)
Strasbourg (France)

Don't miss out on these features!

Speed up page loading

With the OVH Content Delivery Network, you can optimise performance for your websites and applications without having to change anything - not even your web hosting plan, or your coding. The CDN acts as a bridge between your web hosting plan and your users across the globe. It caches static content when a website visitor requests a page, and distributes it in record time, without requesting data from your web hosting servers. This process makes your websites load more quickly.

Improve user experience

For website users, is there anything better than browsing a fluid, reactive website? Attract your visitors by offering them a responsive website that is just as easy to browse from a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. A CDN can drastically accelerate regular loading times, depending on your website type and content.

Optimise your website SEO

Avoiding slow loading time is now a major challenge for any critical website. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) don't cache their content: loading time is an important element of organic SEO. The CDN reduces response time for your pages and makes them load more quickly, which is an extra factor that improves SEO ranking for your websites.