vRack: the essential "made in OVH" solution

With Private Cloud, OVH provides you with a virtual network known as the vRack, which lets you connect, isolate or spread your services across one or more private, secure networks.

Available in and datacenters. Register your interest for Sydney and Singapore .

Fully or partially isolate your VMs, you decide!

Dedicated Cloud
AMD Hosts + VxLAN
With the Dedicated Cloud you have up to 2000 VxLANs available so you can isolate your virtual machines. Choose this range if you only use your private networks for your Dedicated Cloud VMs.
Intel Hosts + vLAN
The SDDC range provides you with 4000 VLANs to isolate your virtual machines, and connect them to other OVH services such as dedicated servers. You can also directly connect your vRack to your business thanks to Dedicated Connect.