Hosted Private Cloud

The best of VMware virtualisation on 100% dedicated infrastructure.
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The power of dedicated hardware with the flexibility of cloud computing

The OVH Private Cloud is a unique solution combining 100% dedicated hardware with the scalability and flexibility of the Cloud. Your infrastructure is virtualised using VMware technology and your hardware is fully managed by OVH.
Simply create unlimited VMs from the vSphere interface!

Dedicated Cloud

A versatile solution for all your projects

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  • vCenter + vSphere as a service
  • Enterprise Plus licence included
  • AMD Hosts
  • Up to 2,000 VxLANs (inter VM)
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US$ 633
 (ex. GST)/month
Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC)

The no compromise, high-performance solution

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  • vCenter + vSphere as a service
  • Enterprise Plus licence included
  • INTEL Hosts
  • Up to 4,000 vLANs (inter VM/dedicated servers/...)
  • Software-Defined Network NSX included
  • Software-Defined Storage with VSAN


US$ 837.00
 (ex. GST)/month

Isolation, power, flexibility, high availability and Software-Defined technologies

Private Cloud is the result of several years of research alongside VMware which aimed to bring a high value-added solution to the market. Using OVH's know-how, the Private Cloud combines the best features of three types of infrastructure with the power of Software-Defined technologies like NSX and VSAN, in order to provide you with the latest generation of the Cloud designed for professionals.

Datacentre Fully managed hardware
Maximum security
Total freedom
Dedicated network


Dedicated resources Maximum I/O
Choice of hardware
Transparency and isolation
vCenter, vSphere as a Service

Dedicated resources

Cloud Flexibility
Upgrade in 30 mins.


OVH Private Cloud

Designed for professionals

Flexibility and scalability

Do you need to resize your infrastructure quickly to deal with traffic spikes? With Private Cloud, you can add or remove additional resources on demand, with monthly or hourly billing.

Ideal for:

  • E-commerce
  • Web agencies
  • Software publishers
  • SaaS solutions
Security and compliance

Each Private Cloud infrastructure is 100% dedicated to each customer. The solution complies with the ISO 27001, CSA STAR, SOC I and II type 2 and PCI DSS certifications.

Ideal for:

  • The public sector
  • Resellers
  • The banking sector
  • Security solutions
  • The e-commerce sector
Predictable expenses

Manage your budget with fixed pricing based on your hardware resources. With Private Cloud, you get unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, and VMware licences included. No hidden costs!

Ideal for:

  • Startups
  • Resellers
  • Administrators
  • The e-commerce sector
Private, managed, high availability infrastructure

OVH takes care of hardware virtualisation and management. If there is an incident, your dedicated hardware is automatically replaced, which guarantees your infrastructure's high availability.

Ideal for:

  • Reducing your administration costs
  • Improving your QoS
  • Switching to OPEX
VMware as a Service

Do you already use VMware solutions internally? Are your environments on ESXi? No need to change your habits with Private Cloud, get exactly the same vSphere environments, plus OVH expertise!

Ideal for:

  • Outsourcing your infrastructures
  • Your disaster recovery plans (DRP)
  • Hybrid infrastructures
  • Exploiting your internal VMware expertise
Rapid and scalable implementation

Scale your infrastructure to suit your usage and growth, and get dedicated resources delivered in an hour!

Ideal for:

  • Adding temporary or long-term projects
  • Traffic spikes
  • Excess workload
Services included


Free anti-DDoS


Security & SLA

OVH Academy


Images & Licences

Veeam Backup

IP Addresses


Dedicated Connect

(1) Based on packs. Also available as an option.

Why is the Private Cloud so competitive compared to other solutions on the market?

Unlimited VMs
From inside the vSphere interface, create an unlimited number of VMs
VMware licences included
The cost of licences is included in the price of the Hosts
Managed by OVH
The virtualisation of your dedicated hardware is fully managed by OVH
Prices are all-inclusive
Guaranteed bandwidth, unlimited traffic, no hidden fees

International certifications and awards

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