Designing for our customers, with our customers

We are constantly renewing the information on our websites. We want to make your experience better and better. But when interfaces change, and new products and features appear, finding your way around can become confusing. “Where do I find out X or Y?” “How do I do Z in this new interface?”

We want our thinking to be in line with what you need to use and how you like to use it. So every month at OVH, we invite you to test out the new interfaces that our teams are designing. We welcome input from everyone, including our partners and customers of our future product universes: OVHmarket, OVHspirit, OVHstack and OVHenterprise. You all have different profiles and purchasing preferences. So we try to integrate all your user feedback into the core of our interface design.

Picture of three OVH employees
Test users @OVH Roubaix

Your feedback impacts the design of new features

Co-construction throughout the interface lifecycle

We focus our efforts on four aspects of your digital experience: website, online support, product orders and the OVH Control Panel. We carry out tests throughout the lifecycle of our interfaces:

  • In the initial design phase for a new interface, we talk to you to find out what you need, and what different features we might include. We conduct this kind of interview with a wide variety of customers. This has helped us prioritise future projects related to the OVH Control Panel.
  • In the prototyping phase, we ask you to look closely at the mock-ups, and tell us what you think about their usability and features. Our Cloud customers have already helped us to ensure that our product order interfaces for Dedicated Servers and VPS are up to standard.
  • During the continuous improvement phase, when the interface is already online, we ask you about your current use of it, so that we can make it even better. For example, we tackled this subject as part of a focus group workshop with our Web and Telecoms customers.

One hour to gather your feedback

The user tests last around a hour. They can be done remotely or in person, at one of OVH’s sites. This puts us, OVH employees, in closer contact with you, our customers. 

You’re welcomed personally by a colleague from the Digital Marketing team. A member of the Design, Interface Development or Support teams may also be present during the test. They are the ones who have worked on the interfaces, so they will benefit directly from your feedback. They can also analyse the test with an enhanced perspective and sharper skills.

To make this discussion as useful as possible, we ask you to test our latest projects. The aim: to analyse your reactions when you view the different elements of the interface. Are they helpful features, or the opposite? Your feedback will then be integrated throughout the lifecycle of the OVH interfaces. This way, we can improve your UX – your user experience. We prioritise these improvements according to the amount of feedback we receive, in order to build a product backlog: a structured wish-list of improvements. They are then implemented by our CX teams (usability experts and designers) and technical teams (integrators and developers).

Be part of our panel of testers!

Are you interested in helping to improve the interfaces you use? Contact us on We’ll then let you know about the next set of tests we’re running.

We hope to see you soon.