#OVH Summit 2018: product announcements

On Thursday, 18 October 2018, OVH brought together its entire ecosystem for the 6th OVH Summit. Octave Klaba, President and Founder of OVH, kicked off by sharing his vision of a different type of cloud. He announced the launch of four product universes, tailored to four different types of OVH customer, as well as the way they interact with its products and services. These four universes, which will be gradually deployed over the coming months, each have their own separate sets of product pages, covering how they meet the changing needs and practices of all customers.

OVHmarket, a digital toolbox for accelerating growth

  • Cloud Web Hosting offers professionals a powerful and secure environment to develop projects like websites, e-commerce platforms and mobile apps. This innovative solution combines the simplicity of managed hosting with the benefits of a dedicated Virtual Private Server, and does not require administrative expertise.

OVHspirit, everything you need to build a cloud platform

  • OVH customers with Dedicated Servers will see their bandwidth doubled in the coming weeks – without any price increase. Customers with a top speed of 500 Mbp/s will see it increased to 1 Gbp/s at the same price.
  • The company will significantly overhaul its Dedicated Server ranges. The aim is to create an product offering that is more diverse, easier to understand and more in line with professional use, while remaining competitive in price. The dedicated and virtual private servers in these ranges will, as always, benefit from OVH's modular storage as well as its network and security services: a global proprietary fibre optic network with a capacity of 15 Tbps and 34 points of presence, including anti-DDoS protection at no additional cost. They will be available in 28 OVH datacentres spread over four continents, including the US. In addition, OVH remains the only global cloud provider to offer dedicated servers with or without the Patriot Act and CLOUD Act.
  • OVH is updating its premium Dedicated Servers. The HG 2019 servers meet the needs of companies seeking top-range reliability, security and performance, while minimising costs. Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Optane™ DC technologies, they are particularly well-suited to intensive data processing. This innovation was made possible thanks to a strong partnership between OVH and Intel to build the next generation of cloud infrastructure services: “Our decade-long collaboration with OVH has focused on delivering comprehensive and high-performance cloud services to meet a wide variety of customer workload needs,” states Jeff Wittich, Director of Cloud Service Provider Business at Intel. “In this era of data-centric computing, we are continuing to innovate with OVH to bring our latest technologies – including Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane technology – into OVH’s cloud to meet customers’ ever-growing needs for cost-effective, high-performant platforms to run data-centric workloads such as data analytics and in-memory databases.” Plus, before the end of the year, OVH will enhance the range, with servers specially designed for artificial intelligence applications.

OVHstack, the public cloud platform based on open standards

  • To make it easier to extract value from data, OVH is announcing a wide range of other ready-to-use data infrastructures: OVH Analytics Data Platform, a fully open-source big data analytics solution, based on Apache Hadoop and deployable within one hour on the Public Cloud; a managed big data cluster solution, powered by our Dedicated Servers, as well as our partners, Cloudera and Claranet; plus enhancements to the Cloud Databases solutions, which will now include MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis. In conjunction with these data management and processing offers, and to accelerate the adoption of deep learning technologies, OVH is adding a new GPU family to its Public Cloud catalogue: a GPU NVIDIA solution from the TESLA V100 range and the associated software platform, NVIDIA GPU Cloud. And innovation doesn’t stop there this year! Several new labs are awaiting your feedback, including a high-availability Cloud Databases offer, a turnkey machine learning platform, and new data processing tools, such as OVH Analytics Data Compute, to make it easier to use Apache Spark.
  • OVH is also driving growth in the Asia-Pacific region by introducing Public Cloud solutions, including the Instance and Storage ranges, in the Singapore and Sydney datacentres before the end of the year. Three new Public Cloud availability zones will also be launched in France. In addition, the Public Cloud solution will include a virtual router and a Load Balancer (Instance range), as well as a set of tools for monitoring resource usage and performance (Logs, Metrics, Insight).

OVHenterprise, an alternative cloud to power successful digital transformation

  • OVH continues to enhance its product offerings in order to support companies seeking to implement a multi-cloud strategy by combining on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Enter OVHcloud Connect, which allows companies to connect to the OVH network in a totally isolated and secure way via numerous points of presence around the world, while offering maximum reliability and flexibility.
  • There is also a significant enhancement to OVH's Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) offer: the integration of VMware's vSAN technology. In a further step towards hyper-convergence and ultra-high performance, vSAN hosts integrate local storage, based on the latest NVMe/SSD technologies.
  • The company continues to strengthen relationships with its technology partners. A particular highlight is the Veeam Enterprise solution, which provides all VMware users, whether or not they are OVH customers, with great flexibility around Veeam licences. They will be able to set up virtual machine backups regardless of their location (on-site, with another cloud provider or with OVH) and retain control over their digital infrastructure.

We’ll keep you informed of when the new offers will be available via social media, emails and www.ovh.com/asia. Stay tuned!