#OVHSummit 2018 : keynote of Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman of OVH

Hey! Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th OVH Summit. I've been dreaming of playing Metallica in front of you for years. Man, it’s just so great! I hope you like it too – it’s one of my favourite bands. So there you go. That’s done. Let's get down to business.

Seeing you every year means a lot to us. To me. It’s a really special occasion to show you what we’ve done and where we’re going, and to get your feedback. In the last few months, OVH has evolved a lot. Kind of like the world we live in. This world is flashing past our eyes – full speed ahead! It might feel as if everyone is moving forward into the unknown, without a purpose, without direction. How do we take back control? How can we give meaning to the way the world is changing? I have a few ideas, and I’d like to share them with you.

All of us here are at the heart of the data revolution. You know, I have a strong belief. Maybe it comes from my past... from my family history. It is a belief I know we all share. That freedom is something to treasure. A treasure that must be protected at all times. And freedom these days is about data. Data has already changed everything. Data will continue to change everything. This is the great transformation of our century. And we, OVH, are at the heart of this data revolution. It’s a revolution that affects everyone. It makes possible things we could never even imagine before. We have never been able to create and innovate as much as we do today. The possibilities seem endless: living longer, curing diseases, gaining access to all knowledge everywhere...

But as we all know, this data explosion also raises a lot of questions. What kind of world do we want? What should innovation be for? How can we preserve our freedom?

For me, the data revolution must drive progress. It should be a revolution for the people. Not a revolution against the people. A revolution that liberates. Not a revolution that holds us back. For me, that's useful progress.

Like us, you think that trust is the foundation of everything. Like us, you think that proximity is essential in our relationship. Like us, you want to keep control of your data. Like us, you know that time is precious. Like us, you want prices to be clear, accessible and fully predictable.

To be the alternative that liberates. That’s the role we want to play. At OVH, we want to help our customers and partners succeed, thanks to a different, alternative cloud. That's why we decided to change our motto from "Innovation is Freedom" to "Innovation for Freedom".

So in practical terms, what will all this mean for you? Some OVH customers pay 10 euros a year and others several million euros a month. The range is very wide. But for each of you, everything must be crystal clear. So we want to simplify everything. And that's why your feedback is so valuable. By studying our 1.4 million customers, we have highlighted four ways to interact with our products, four uses for our products, and four situations in which our products are used. And so we decided to create four product universes: OVHmarket, OVHspirit, OVHstack and OVHenterprise. Let's look in detail at each of them...

OVHmarket. A digital toolbox to accelerate your growth.

For all you entrepreneurs out there who wish to harness the power of digital technology to develop your business. Through OVHmarket, we offer you a range of web, telecom and cloud services that are quick to implement, simple to use, attractively priced and supported by our local partners.

OVHspirit. All the infrastructures to build a cloud platform.

This is for infrastructure, hardware and network enthusiasts – any of you who want to build a cloud platform. Through OVHspirit, we’re offering a scalable, multi-local cloud infrastructure. It’s based on cutting-edge technologies, designed for specific needs, and it provides unbeatable value for money.

OVHstack. Your Public Cloud platform, based on open standards.

This is for those of you who follow a cloud-ready approach and need to develop scalable applications in the cloud. With OVHstack, you get a Public Cloud that is deployed globally, yet integrates easily with your ecosystem. Plus, it remains reversible.

OVHenterprise. An alternative cloud to power successful digital transformation.

This is aimed at decision-makers: those of you who want to achieve your strategic objectives using an alternative cloud provider.  With OVHenterprise, we let you stay in control of your data by using a Hybrid Cloud that combines our Public Cloud, Private Cloud and any other clouds available on the market.

Voilà... our four product universes! The purpose of these four product universes is to not lock you in. Just the opposite, in fact! Often, you start using us in one universe, like personal web hosting or a domain name in OVHmarket. Later, you end up using us in another universe, for example, a Dedicated Server in OVHspirit or the Public Cloud in OVHstack. You can be in several universes at the same time. You remain free to choose. What matters is your experience of using a service, purchasing it, renewing it. What matters is how to configure services and connect them together. What matters is your experience when you contact customer support with a question or concern.

We’re deploying this strategy everywhere, in Europe, Canada, the USA and Asia. But the actual implementation, on an operational level, is multi-local. We adapt to local legislation by creating standalone legal entities by country or continent. Just a little reminder: OVH is the only company that can offer you the choice of a cloud with or without the Patriot Act. OVH is the only global player that allows you to keep control of your data. We are the alternative!

I have a question for you... Has anyone *not* found something in these four universes? Put your hands up. Okay. You’ve got me interested. I’d like to meet you. Is that possible? We’ll make an appointment and talk. Is that alright? Okay with you? I want to understand your needs and integrate your ideas into our solutions in each universe.

So who *has* found something in at least one of these four universes? Put your hands up. Who for OVHmarket? Who for OVHspirit? Who for OVHstack? Who for OVHenterprise? Great! Mmmm... Here’s a little game you can play. At the Summit, you have four stands – one per universe. I suggest you go over and talk to the teams about yourself, so we can really make sure that we are meeting your needs. If you have any doubts or a new idea, or if, in the end, you don’t find anything for you in any of the four universes, I would like to meet you and discuss it. So shall we do that? Great, thanks!

The same goes if you’re a partner. You partners are very important to us, even though you are very different. You operate in different universes, and you all bring something different to the table. I would like to talk to you, to really understand how you work and how OVH can help you in your day-to-day business.

Defining OVH’s strategy and vision – hey, that's my new job! So I want to take the time to understand your issues and your needs. So we keep questioning ourselves and jointly building OVH's strategy, side by side with you.

It is to make all these dreams come true, to implement this whole strategy, that this summer I asked Michel Paulin to take over the general management of OVH. I am thrilled that he has agreed to trust me and join us. He is someone who has been able to grow companies and teams with totally kick-ass leadership and a desire to preserve the company's DNA.   It is thanks to him that I can now take a step back and take the time to meet you, listen to you and shape our vision of the future of OVH.