OVH is launching their first Data Bars

Why a Data Bar?

In Montreal, Lille, Paris and Strasbourg, it will soon be possible to go to a Data Bar, and send your data directly to the cloud, at a high transfer rate. OVH had chosen to install these unusual places in large cities, for the ease of access. These bars will be connected by optical fiber to a secure OVH data center, dedicated exclusively for archiving. Soon, you will see the opening of these new temples of the "digital attitude", in trendy places. These bars will be offering a mix of Cloud, fast food and sushi.

"Today, only a small percentage of data are stored in the cloud. Among major obstacles to this is the lack of time, the poor quality of the available networks and the lack of appropriate network architecture with large bandwidth. Today the average total of data held by an individual varies from one to several hundreds of gigabytes, which can take several days to transfer. It was necessary to give the user an easier access to the cloud", explain Octave Klaba, the founder and CEO of OVH.

Today, 90% of people using a computer archive their data on hard drive or DVD. According to the research firm IDC, 50% of the global data is not secure; this is a huge risk for corporations and individual users. For everyone, the loss of data is a tragic event. Unfortunately, the data is often irreplaceable.

To facilitate access to the Cloud

One of the strengths of this new concept is that the user could get access to one on one support from an OVH professional. "I'm feeling very confident about uploading by myself my data to the cloud. It's very simple and quick", explains a beta tester in Montreal.

To make the experience more enjoyable and to facilitate the transition to the virtual world, holograms advisers, programmed by developers at OVH, will be assisting the customers. A a very geek surrounding, with digital tables and HD screens to let users watch the progress of their upload.

Guests will be able to submit their digital data in a variety of media (hard disk, USB, DVD). And, depending on the size of the deposit, their data storage unit will be emptied immediately on site on a secure local server or kept for a twenty-four hours period. The client can then access their data securely.

The services offered by the Data Bar will not only be limited to deposit. "It will be possible to easily recover data on site. For bigger files, users would be able to order the withdrawals on the device of their choice, and to come pick it up later. Data Bar will also be open late", says Octave Klaba.

The gourmet will appreciate the menu designed by the OVH's chef cook. On the card: chicken fillet with spiNAS, maki in vRack, Big Data © Burger, distribution sushi specialty manager, ice cream sandwich gingerbread and cofFedora greedy.

To be headed of the competition

Many mobile telephony and Internet providers have opened shops dedicated to provide resources (networks, terminals) to deliver content to the user. OVH bets on the data's transfer from the user to the data center. The link is stronger and built on trust, proximity and transparency, which are OVH's historical values.

In this spirit, OVH is also planning to acquire a fleet of "Datas Truck". The trucks will provide, everywhere they stop by, the same services. They will stop in major cities in Canada and France and will be available for events "Cloud & Food ", seminars and corporate parties, and also bachelor parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs.