The 14-05-2018

vRack 3.0: the OVH private network, intensively redesigned to continue anticipating IT project requirements

As a cloud services provider operating its own datacentres and network, OVH has a privileged position when it comes to observing and anticipating usage in terms of traffic.

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The 05-03-2018

1.3 Tbit/s mitigated by the VAC: a recap on the Memcached episode

On Thursday 1 March, at around 02:00 (GMT+1), our VAC mitigated a DDoS attack exceeding 1.3 Tbit/s, which was aimed at one of our customers — thereby breaking the record of 1 Tbit/s previously held by MIRAI. A few hours earlier, GitHub had been the target of a similar attack, again reaching 1.3 Tbit/s. Unfortunately, the Github website was down for several minutes.

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The 15-01-2018

OVH wishes you all the best for 2018, and presents its ambitions for this year

Can you still accelerate when you already think you’re going full-speed ahead? The answer is yes. In 2017, OVH had a lot of news to share. Our teams were able to learn from both the successes and challenges we experienced, so that we could strengthen the building blocks for our cloud solutions to infinity (internationally) and beyond (because innovation never stops). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive...

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The 05-01-2018

Meltdown, Spectre bug impacting x86-64 CPU - OVH fully mobilised

Like all IT industry players, OVH has been informed of security vulnerabilities on x86-64 processors, which were exposed by security researchers. These vulnerabilities make it possible to carry out, on a large-scale, a type of attack (side-channel attacks) that up until now has been infrequent due to the complexity of implementation.

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The 09-11-2017

#WeAreOpenStack: OVH at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Sydney

The twice-yearly gathering of the OpenStack community took place from 6–8 November in Sydney, Australia. A team from OVH, one of the most important operators of a public cloud powered by this open-source technology, is there to share its experience with other users, and learn from theirs. A good opportunity to review some recent news at OVH, as it continues to enhance its Public Cloud offer.

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