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Case studies

True stories about how our customers are using our solutions to develop world-class digital infrastructures

OVH and Arcade Beauty
High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation

Arcade Beauty

Arcade Beauty fulfilled their "one company" vision with the help of OVH's Private Cloud, creating a single global infrastructure that has enhanced productivity on all levels.
High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation


3CX utilised a combination of OVH’s cloud technologies to maximise the free IPPBX product, in order to deliver world-class multimedia communications.
Disaster Recovery Plan, High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation

wokati Technologies

wokati Technologies used the OVH Private Cloud to deliver a high-performance virtual desktop solution for end users around the world.
High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation


France’s leading digital sound agency depend on OVH Private Cloud to make their playlists available to retailers whenever they’re needed.
Disaster Recovery Plan, High Availability, Scalability


Medira utilised a fleet of 18 OVH Dedicated Servers to deliver a fast, scalable and secure analysis tool to help farmers manage their livestock.
High Availability, Virtualisation

Bourget Airport

The urban community of Bourget Airport utilised OVH Private Cloud to create a fast, secure and flexible virtual desktop environment for its public institutions.
Disaster Recovery Plan, High Availability, Scalability

So Foot

OVH’s Public Cloud provided So Foot with the speed, scalability and reliability they needed to accommodate huge spikes in traffic during the 2014 World Cup.
OVH and SnapComms
Business Continuity Management, High Availability, Scalability


SnapComms utilised a mix of Dedicated Servers, Private and Public Cloud to deliver a high-performance communications tool on a global scale.
Business Continuity Management, High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation

Stonegate IT Ltd.

The UK’s leading migration specialist, Stonegate Ltd, worked with OVH to develop a fast, dependable infrastructure in order to migrate high volumes of their clients’ data to the cloud.
High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation


Divante utilised the OVH Private Cloud to launch a SaaS version of their Open Loyalty platform: a unique tool for helping eCommerce businesses run effective customer loyalty programmes.
High Availability, Scalability


JustHostMe – one of the leading providers of UK web hosting – utilised Dedicated Servers at OVH’s flagship London datacentre to develop a flexible, secure and scalable infrastructure.
High Availability, Scalability


MDDV utilised the full range of OVH solutions to deliver sophisticated hybrid infrastructures for their end users, including both Dedicated Servers and Public Cloud instances.