A new 100G link crossing the Atlantic for OVH customers

On March 15, 2016, in order to handle the ever increasing traffic, the OVH network team has put in production a new link under the Atlantic. Originating from Skewjack in the United Kingdom, the underwater cable FLAG Atlantic-1 joins with Northport in the United States.

Every day, over 12 petabytes (more than tens of thousands of terabytes) flow under the Atlantic through OVH’s own network. Developed progressively and over several years, this network delivers data from numerous points of presence in the United States and connects the North American datacenters with the group’s other 14 European datacenters. In September 2015, Laurent Allard announced at the OVH Summit the construction of new datacenters around the world, including two in the United States. These datacenters will be located respectively on the East and West coasts of the country.

For Antoine Guenet, a member of the OVH Network Team, putting this transatlantic link into production serves as a step forward for the group’s customers. With a latency of 67 milliseconds round trip time (RTT), this link allows for larger volumes of data to be transferred even faster and offers OVH the capability to send traffic much closer to its customers’ local operators. The group has signed agreements with such North American operators as Comcast, Cox, Bell and Videotron for direct interconnections with its own network.

There have been fibers connecting the two contents for several years, but on March 15, 2016, has gone even further by putting into production a new 100G link connecting the United Kingdom with the United States. Passing under the Atlantic, this cable can transit up to 100G of data each second. In the weeks to come, several more 100G links will be put in place, increasing the overall capacity of the transatlantic network to 6x100G.