The use of HTTPS, a new tool for SEO ?

It's official, the search engine used by a high percent of North American users will now consider the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) in its algorithm (SEO). One more reason to secure their website with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, a service proposed by OVH.

Antoine Turpin, chef de produit noms de domaine, et Rémi Bacha, SEO manager chez OVH

What does it have to do with SEO?

To appear and be positioned in the search engines, each website is subjected to a very specific algorithm. There are many ways to optimize its pages to qualify for a place in their rankings of results. The use of HTTPS is now a factor taken into account by the Mountain View company. "Let’s take the case of two sites, equal in all aspects : The one with an SSL certificate, and therefore calling HTTPS, goes ahead in the order of the search results," says Rémi Bacha, SEO Manager at OVH. "This is certainly one criterion among others, but it is not to be overlooked, especially since SSL provides many other benefits."

SSL certificate : Foremost security

Before being a criterion for inclusion, HTTPS is to secure the flow of information transmitted between a site and its users. "The SSL encrypts and protects data transmitted using this protocol technology, and guarantees visitors that their data will not be intercepted by fraud," says Antoine Turpin, Domain Names Product Manager. "This is the best way to build the customers’ trust towards a site. "Indeed, visitors will be calmed and will perform their sensitive actions securely (online payment, create an account, enter personal information ...). Only the person making the connection and the server where the site is located are able to decipher the information.
When using the OVH SSL service, all communications with your website are secure, and with the certificate of domain validation (DV certificate), you can assure your visitors that your domain is hosted by OVH.

Le fonctionnement du certificat SSL OVH, étape par étape  [Légende:]  1. Initialization request of a secured SSL connection 2. Presentation of Certificate Checks made at this stage on the certificate: -Validity  -Signature by a trusted third party 3. Tansmission of a unique encryption key (encoded with the public key of the server) 4. Decryption key of the server using its private key, and then the establishment of a secured connection


To qualify for OVH SSL service, you must have a website hosted by OVH. You can enable HTTPS with a few clicks through the client area. This is consistent with the option of Linux Web Hosting, and with the products having the option of IP Load Balancing (Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Cloud VPS).
However it is important to know that regarding SEO, switching from HTTP to HTTPS involves full site migration and a change in all internal links. All technical aspects are therefore to be taken into account in such an operation. You should also make sure that all of the elements on the pages of your site, media (particularly images), or CMS plugins, use HTTPS.