OVH Inaugurates a Unique Datacenter

Overall view of the new Roubaix 4 data center

So we could bring better-adapted solutions and performance to our clients, we took up a new technological challenge through the construction of Roubaix 4. This newly constructed datacenter offers up to a very comfortable 10Gbps of bandwidth per server. Our clients' services now benefit from indredibly free-flowing data.

A step in the construction process at the new Roubaix 4 data center: OVH oversees the entire project

What's most important, though, is that Roubaix 4 offers a record-breaking server availability. Unlike most of our competitors, we master product lifecycle management. We design and build our own datacenters, our own cooling systems and our own servers. We own the technical drawings of each machine and thus save precious time during maintenance.

A technician intervening on a server in the Roubaix 4 data center

"If on a sunday at 4:30 AM, a server has power supply issues, a technician is immediately sent to repair the server, and in less than 15 minutes, the problem would be fixed. Before the client would even have the time to read his follow-up SMS, everything would be up and running" datacenters manager Lionel Deny reports.

Inside the Roubaix 4 data center...

Years of research and development led to Roubaix 4's present cooling system. Our research teams had a precise goal in mind: to improve stability while remaining green. Subsequently, water-cooled servers and a ventilation system replaced air conditioning, which was a high energy consumption technology.

"Air conditioning is unreliable, and cannot guarantee quality services" Lionel Deny says."Ventilation, on the other hand, is far more flexible in regards to redundancy and resilience.Its performances are optimal and eco-friendly."

What this means, in the end, is simple. Less energy consumption means lower prices, and that customers pay less.