First Tests at Beauharnois Expected in March

The future site where the servers will be assembled

Tests will be ran on the Beauharnois servers before any service can be released. The alpha phase, as well as the beta phase, will commence before spring. "We hope to start the tests on March 1st, or March 20th at most. We're still having a bit of trouble with optical fiber, transportation, and other small adjustments. We're resolving these little problems one step at a time. Our goal is to start the tests on March 1st, so everything we do aims towards that goal", datacenters manager Lionel Deny explains.

"We are still often facing the unknown. We are on a new continent, where all parameters and quantities are different for us. We have planned a steady progression, one step at a time, until the official release, in August", Lionel Deny clarifies.

Canadian Hosting Made Available to All OVH Clients

With each passing month and up until summer, more and more server models will be made available. As it is how traditionally proceeds whenever they come to a new country, the first series to be released will be the dedicated Kimsufi servers. "Then, increasingly more powerful series will follow", Lionel Deny adds. "This is our present strategy, but it could change. We still have little knowledge of what the preferences of our future clients will be, or even what kind of client will be interested by services at Beauharnois. Octave is ground testing over there, to understand the needs of our current and future users. This is what has always done. Then, we will adapt as we go along."

Beauharnois servers will be offered to all clients, wherever they may located. The company has always helped out clients with international development projects. Consequently, its North-American hosting services will be made available to its users across the globe. These same clients will be the ones called to testing the new products. "It's pertinent for us to trust their expectations: they're the clients who know our products, are already familiar with them and know how to make use of them".