French Cloud Receives Award in Las Vegas

The event, being held at The Venetian casino, with it's venetian theme and canals (Photo ZooFari, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

VMware has organized its 2012 edition of the "VMware Partner Exchange" (the PEX) in Las Vegas, from February 11 to February 16. For the world's leader of virtualization, this is the perfect time to meet its partners, and to reward those companies it thinks are the most innovative.
PEX 2012's organization was top-notch. About 3200 people from across the world came to assist to this grand event which took place at The Venetian casino, a colossal hotel complex that counted thousands of rooms, two museums and its own shopping mall!
But let's not wander, and let us go back to our subject: VMware's awards! On February 14, was honored to receive the VMware Service Provider Program 2012 for the EMEA* zone trophy. It was presented to CEO Octave Klaba, as well as Cloud Computing product manager Hélène Caraux and marketing and sales director Benoît Lavergne, who had all come to the event.
"We've only been partners with VMware for a year and a half now, so receiving such an award is tremendous." Hélène Caraux says. "We've met with the directors of VMware, and we've got along together really well. They're all very much interested in the capital gain that adds to their own solutions, as hosting providers."

The Keynote Announcements

Keynote information was projected on a giant screen.

Before the prize-giving started, a Keynote presentation, during which VMware displayed feats of screen gigantism, setting up a 90-foot wide screen, was held. A lot of useful and interesting information was explained, including some about the launch of a vCloud Director application for iPad, and about work station virtualization through the use of the View and Horizon applications.
VMware also wants to emphasize the automation of resources for 2013. "Something already does, since it's one of the main features of Cloud Computing", Hélène Caraux points out.
The Californian firm now wants to focus on SMBs (small and medium businesses). VMware confesses knowing how to talk with the big players, to "Fortune 100" companies, but not to these smaller counterparts. VMware is thus counting on its partners to help it achieve its new goals. The new competencies program even includes training and support for SMB sales.

A few pictures of the event

VMware's "Monster VM" mascot was also on-site.

* EMEA: European, Middle-Eastern and African