VMworld: OVH's Cloud Twice Rewarded

Nearly 8 000 visitors were present in Barcelona.

Thursday the 11th: Two "Made in OVH" Presentations

François Loiseau, System Administrator at OVH.

OVH systems administrator François Loiseau gave two presentations during the show. He first started with the explanation of OVH's philosophy and point of view concerning its Cloud, or rather how a physical infrastructure specialist has become a Cloud computing
leader. The second was a more technical speech, as he explained how to manage and automatize a VMware infrastructure through the use of APIs. "It was my first attendance at VMworld" François Loiseau says. "I have decided to come this year after people I have known at VMware insisted that I be there. The event is simply huge. Between demonstrations and discussions with other professionals of the business, I could hardly catch my breath. OVH's approach and its integration of the VMware technology surprised many a visitor! Participants were interested in my presentations, during which there was a constant flow of questions. We all learned very much through these edifying conversations."

*European, Middle-Eastern and African Zones.