All the latest OVH news at a glance

What’s been on the news these past few weeks at OVH? If you missed our latest headlines, this rundown is for you.

Strengthening the transatlantic link
The OVH Network Team is hard at work on reinforcing its own fiber optic network deployed around the world. Last March, we talked to you about installing a transatlantic link for OVH customers. This link has been strengthened extensively through some new 100G links, bringing OVH's transatlantic capacity up to 600G with 2x300G between London and Newark.

The Summit programme is online
The 4th edition of the OVH Summit will be taking place at the Docks de Paris on October 11. With 50 conferences, workshops and labs, as well as new zones dedicated to startups and people who are passionate about infrastructures or coding, the IT event of the fall promises to deliver its fair share of new products, services and important announcements. See the detailed program online.

RunAbove: NVMe disks for maximum performance
A revolutionary technology when it comes to storage, NVMe can provide a performance up to 5x better than the classic SSD disks. With a flash memory similar to SATA SSD disks, NVMe disks communicate directly with the CPU through PCI-express paths instead of the SATA bus. And just like all our other servers, these come with guaranteed bandwidth (250 Mbps) and the anti DDoS protection is included. Test the NVMe servers on RunAbove.

Public Cloud: creating private networks directly from the customer control panel
Creating private networks and linking a network to a new instance can now be done directly from the Public Cloud control panel. Advanced customization of these networks (DHCP customization, post-creation linking) is also available through the Openstack tools (API and web Horizon client provided by OVH). Those private networks can be used for communication not only between Public Cloud instances, but also with dedicated servers and the OVH Private Cloud among all datacenters across the group. 
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The OVH Private Cloud is assisting Canadian physicians and hospitals
PetalMD has designed a variety of cloud computing solutions allowing health care professionals to efficiently plan their schedule and communicate with their colleagues with the utmost confidentiality. This is a small revolution in the Canadian healthcare world and OVH is actively supporting it thanks to its Private Cloud, the technology standing right at the heart of PetalMD's infrastructure. Read the full article

Eco-Counter is counting on the OVH Private Cloud to promote walking and biking around the world
OVH's Private Cloud technology is definitely on a roll when it comes providing innovative companies with high performance and uncompromising security. Eco-Counter is a world-leader in counting systems dedicated to soft transportation modes, bikes and pedestrians. Their objective: improving transport policies by providing key players in mobility (managers and spatial planners) with previously unpublished data. Read the full article.

Gamping: wilderness camping in gardens and backyards
Set off to discover Gamping, a startup hailed as the "Airbnb of Camping" which aggregates thousands of private camping grounds made readily available for rent by their owners. Discover how the company handles traffic spikes in the holiday season thanks to OVH solutions. Read the full article.