What's new at OVH in June? (2/2)

Did you fall behind OVH's latest news? No worries, this recap should put everyone on the same page.

OVH - New VPS Cloud RAM
Originally set to be released in limited edition, three new VPS RAM are now available permanently on OVH.com! Combining the high availability of the VPS Cloud with maximum RAM, they work on NVMe disks and have a Windows option. You can choose between 1, 2 or 4 vCores, as well as 6, 12 or 24 GB of RAM and 25 to 100 GB of storage. Order a VPS Cloud RAM

OVH strengthens its partnership with Cisco
OVH has revealed its plans to improve and extend its broadband network around the world with the Cisco optical technology. The Cisco DWDM technology provides OVH with unique capacities and hosted services between its datacenters. Read the press release.

OVH on its way to ISO 27017 compliance
OVH is setting up a series of best practices in order to comply with the ISO 27017 standard for Cloud service security. This international standard sets security best practices that must be applied by Cloud service providers; it a complement to an already extensive group of certifications, including ISO 27001 and the PCI-DSS linked to bank data. Because this is a complex topic, we've taken the time to review the main steps of the process and what it can bring to group's clients as a whole. Find out more from Julien Levrard, who works on implementing certifications at OVH. Read the interview

RunAbove is stocking up on new labs
In the novelty section at Runabove, you can test run six new hardware labs, including the new Intel i7 processor and some GPU processors. You'll also find Shinken as a Service, a solution that can be used to deploy a dedicated monitoring service in just one click.
Recently available in beta, DBaaS Queue allows the exchange of messages between two independent applications in such a way that they don't have to wait for each other.

DBaaS Time Series: use case from the OVH storage team
The internal storage infrastructure at OVH is comprised of several thousands of servers, geographically spread across the Roubaix, Strasbourg, Paris, Gravelines, and Beauharnois datacenters. Come and meet the OVH Storage Team in charge of operating and managing this infrastructure. See our full coverage.

#IoT Connit: "In the Internet of Objects, the "Machine to Machine" is the submerged part of the iceberg".
Connit is a startup that specializes in industrial IoT - or "Machine to Machine" (M2M) - to remotely monitor and control devices via smart applications. Supported by OVH as part of the Digital Launch Pad program, it has already decided to go with Dedicated Cloud and is considering adopting the DBaaS TimeSeries. Find out more.

Improving our network capacity
As is the case each month, our network team continues to improve the quality and reliability of our infrastructures. Note that in the US, a new interconnection has been installed with COX on the San Jose POP. This is a new PNI with a 2x10G capacity in addition to the other two PNI already in place in Dallas and New York. Find out more about the OVH network.

OVH hosted Docker Québec
On June 28, the new OVH offices in Québec City were hosting the first Docker meetup organized in Quebec's national capital. Several conferences and a period of networking punctuated the event. Retrouvez la présentation d’introduction à Docker.See the Introduction to Docker presentation.[/url]