What's new at OVH in June ? (1/2)

Twice a month, we give you an overview of our latest news and main headlines. Here we go!

Upgrade of Exchange offers
Migration work tasks on our Exchange offers continues. The servers hosting the Exchange 2010 accounts have been migrated, for some weeks now, to Exchange 2013 and then Exchange 2016. This particularly complex operation is progressing successfully. All of the Exchange 2010 servers have been moved to the 2013 platform. Once the servers have been migrated, the Exchange team will proceed with the migration of Private and Corporate offers. Follow the migration status.

OVH lays the ground of “SDDC on demand”
NSX is a VMware Software Defined Network (SDN) solution, which allows infrastructure managers to deploy, in just a few clicks, all the necessary components needed to build their platforms, as well as to define their security policies easily and directly from their vSphere console. A press conference announcing this offer took place last Wednesday in Paris. You may read the press release for more info.

How OVH will balance development in the USA while preserving its European identity
We have defined our position regarding our development in the USA. Among the largest cloud providers in Europe, all are American, except one, OVH. This unique position on the European map allows OVH to guarantee its customers that they are not subject to US jurisdiction, most notably the Patriot Act. It was under this logic, that in 2011, OVH established itself in Quebec, Canada, to offer services in North America while remaining non-subject to the Patriot Act. OVH is currently working on deploying new datacenters throughout the world. Among the new locations selected, the USA, the undisputed world leader of the cloud with an annual growth of 35%. OVH is working on a legal structure, which will allow it to enter the US market, while keeping its unique positioning in Europe. Continue reading.

Improvement of our network capacity
Once again, the OVH Network team has worked on the improvement of our own global network capacity. Under the Atlantic, OVH now counts on a fourth 100G link of 4600 km, connecting the cities of Bren, in the United Kingdom, and Halifax, in Canada, with a latency of 67 milliseconds round trip time (RTT). At the same time, we have reached a capacity of over 1Tbps at our BHS data center, near Montreal (800Gbps to Newark, 100Gbps to Chicago and 120Gbps to Montreal). In France, we upgraded our exchange capacity with ONLINE in 100G on the Globalswitch PoP, in Paris. The capacity between OVH and ONLINE is now 180G. Find out more about OVH network.

New dedicated servers MG-128-S and MG-256-S
OVH is offering two new dedicated servers now available in the Enterprise range. Powered with two processors and a lot of RAM, these servers are especially designed for virtualization and come in two configurations: 2x2 TB SATA or 2x480 GB SSD. Order a dedicated server.

Upgrade and new tools for Rescue-FreeBSD
FreeBSD Rescue mode (bsd10_64-rescue-pro) has evolved and is now based on its latest available release. Embedding new tools like bonnie++, memtester, smartmontools or cpuburn, it also integrates them in the RAM. Check out the FreeBSD distribution page

OVH/Fibrenoire cloud partnership launch in Montreal
On June 14th, OVH officially launched its partnership with Fibernoire, at an event that took place at the OVH offices in Montreal. In this partnership, OVH provides cloud resources hosted in its Beauharnois data center (south of Montreal) while Fibrenoire interconnects with fiber optics and relies on its network of 4,500 km. This synergy continues to convince professionals with the need to virtualize their infrastructure using a private and secure network.Read the press release

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