What's new with OVH in April? (2/2)

As we always do every 15 days, here's a review of all the news and significant events in the world of OVH. See the first part of our recap .

New SSD instances on Public Cloud
Up until now, Public Cloud instances were solely based on Ceph, a technology that allows us to replicate data three times, thus providing optimal storage security. Although it was extremely reliable, Ceph was capping instance performance due to the latency induced by storing data on the network. Our customers asked us to rethink the design of our instances to meet certain requirements brought on by tasks such as using transactional databases requiring low-latency storage. The result is our new range of Public Cloud SSD instances and they're available now.

New distributions for dedicated servers
The OVH teams have added two new distributions for dedicated servers. The first one is CoreOS, a very lightweight operating system available during installation and designed to setup container environments like Docker. It's an environment that can be easily integrated into deployment and automated resource management systems (Puppet, Kubernetes…). In addition to this, you can now install Ubuntu 16.04 on your server. Delivered as a barebone version with an SSG access, this version is dubbed as LTS (Long Term Support), which means it will be supported at least until 2021. Find out more about CoreOS or Ubuntu.

Docker on Mesos/Marathon
The Docker lab on Mesos/Marathon is available on RunAbove. This lab was built around Docker and the Mesos/Marathon ecosystem from Mesosphere. Mesos is a manager allowing resource abstraction (CPU, RAM…) whereas Marathon is a container orchestration platform. Thanks to this platform, you can launch containerized applications. You can test run Mesos / Marathon for free on RunAbove.

In-house use cases on PaaS Logs
Log management needs have been growing very rapidly for businesses in the industrial sector and startups alike. These needs are also very real at OVH and that has led to the launch of PaaS Logs, an industrial log management solution currently available on RunAbove. We interviewed Pierre De Paepe, Technical Manager on the PaaS Logs project, who explains the project's development and what's at stake. https://www.ovh.com/us/news/articles/a2202.paas-logs-management-ovh"]Read the interview[/url].

The PaaS DB has arrived on RunAbove
A new lab has just been launched on RunAbove. The PaaS DB gives the ability to create databases without managing a server, security or updates. Billed by the hour, the service allows the deployment of MySQL/PgSQL databases.  Test run the PaaS DB.

Game anti-DDoS update
The Game Anti-DDoS is now available for the video game ARK: Survival Evolved. The Game Anti-DDoS is designed to counter denial of service attacks. For each type of attacked that's been identified, we've built a specific response that we integrated directly into the Tilera hardware. A filter analyzes the incoming and outgoing traffic in order to better identify legitimate requests. In addition, we took advantage of this update to improve the validation of TeamSpeak 3 L7 protocols as well as TTL packet management. You can see the ARK: Survival Evolved anti-DDoS profile in your OVH control panel. And if you want to know more, you can read our report on the Game Anti-DDoS.

OVH at the OpenStack Summit
OVH introduced its powerful and ultra-competitive Public Cloud solution based on OpenStack in front of 7,500 people at the Austin OpenStack Summit. Aside from its role as user, OVH has also been a cloud resource provider (« Infrastructure Donor ») for the OpenStack Foundation since December 2015, which is a great way to strengthen the bonds between the OpenStack community and OVH. For more information, read the press release and watch the OVH keynote.