What happened in March at OVH? (2/2)

Network, services, news… Here's a look at the news not to be missed over the past few days.


OVH continues to strengthen the capacity of its global network.

Several points of presence are concerned, including our Chicago PoP, which went from 4x10G to 100G; Newark, from 4x10G to 2x100G; we're improving transfer quality with the SoftBank and YahooBB networks through the Los Angeles and San José PoP.
Network capacity for the Beauharnois (BHS) and Gravelines (GRA) datacentres have also been strengthened with and additional 160G and 80G respectively.
We've added a new Cisco ASR9001 router to improve the efficiency of our VAC infrastructure.

Cloud, Dedicated…

Ceph as a service is available on RunAbove, the OVH Group's web lab dedicated to innovation. With Ceph, you can benefit from a 2TB storage space replicated 3 times.
We're updating our entire fleet of routers and switches on Dedicated Cloud in order to comply with PCI-DSS certification standards.
We're preparing for the arrival of the vRack in our BHS datacentre for all our /Cloud users.
The migration of our Microsoft Exchange 2010 messaging servers to Microsoft Exchange 2016 is still ongoing.

OVH News

We've published some expert advice on Web Responsive Design. Also called "adaptive experience", it is becoming more and more of a key issue in light of the explosion of mobile terminals. Find out more about this concept and its best practices with Carl-Stephan Parent, Web Studio Manager at OVH.