What happened at OVH in March? (1/2)

Did you miss out on the latest news? Here's an overview of our main headlines for the first two weeks of March.


We applied a fix on one of our VACs in RBX1. VACs are used to counter distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).
We started to work on adding a VAC in our Gravelines datacenter (GRA).
We added cards on one of our routers in RBX6 in order to increase its capacity.
We started to increase capacity on the network between our Gravelines datacenter (GRA) and our  PoP in Frankfurt.
The main coupled routers of our datacenter in Strasbourg (SBG) now have a capacity of 780 G.
We have significantly increased our transfer capacity towards London by upgrading to 2x100G in total.
We have been prodding a new ASR9904 and a Nexus 7706 on our PoP in Ashburn, USA.
A new 100G link has been put into production between Miami and our PoP in Ashburn, USA.
A new 100G link crossing the Atlantic has been put into production. It connects Skewjack (UK) to Northport (US)

Cloud & Dedicated

It is now possible to add additional disks to a VPS Cloud or a VPS SSD.
While ordering, it is now possible to choose automatic renewal for your VPS. For existing VPSs, you can enable this functionality in the billing section.
A new version of the GAME anti-DDoS has been deployed. See a complete report on the Game anti-DDoS and an interview with Octave Klaba on that topic.
The MRTG monitoring graph is now available in the control panel. It allows real time monitoring of vRack traffic on dedicated servers.
Version 5.1 of vSphere is no longer available; we are limiting orders to vSphere versions 5.5 and 6.0.
Currently in beta-testing on RunAbove, PaaS Logs allows to simplify logs management and analysis.

OVH News

OVH has been awarded the VMware Global Partner Award 2016 for EMEA and the World. Read the press release.
A report on certifications and data protection at OVH has been published.
Launch of @ovh_latam, the official OVH Twitter account for Latin America. 


3rd IoT meetup at OVH Montréal’s community space, on the subject of digital marketing.
OVH was a special guest at the French Founders breaskfast “Tech and Innovation” organized at Palo Alto.
This year, OVH is an official sponsor of Web à Québec (WAQ), a web event that will take place from April 6-8 in Quebec City. Information and registration.