The 2016 Product Roadmap at a Glance

What’s new for 2016? Dedicated Cloud, Public Cloud, dedicated servers and Exchange, our product managers provide you with an overview of the key developments that OVH is planning for the upcoming months.

Focus on Dedicated Cloud with Mehdi Bekai

In 2015, market requirements for infrastructure exploded and the definition of QoS has evolved greatly. It is no longer about occasional flexibility but rather dynamic scalability, and it's about high availability but rather 100% availability. All this in order to meet the ever increasing hardware and network requirements resulting from exponential growth in content, requests and IOPs on a global and multi-datacentre level.

We are maintaining our original course for Private Cloud: taking the best of virtualization and cloud technology to offer you a fully dedicated infrastructure. Therefore, our challenge is to continuously offer the features you need today, but also to anticipate the future and work on integrating innovative services that will change your vision of hosting.

Our teams will be working simultaneously on a number of projects so that we can continue to offer you the services and features that you require and expect.

At the infrastructure level, we will finish upgrading our equipment in order to meet your future bandwidth requirements, especially with the vRack. We will provide a better transfer rate between existing datacentres as well as upcoming ones, full IPv6 compatibility and the option to interconnect OVH services with your Dedicated Cloud VMs more easily.

We also want to simplify deployment and daily management. Though the preconfigured vLANs can meet 95% of today’s requirements, we want to go even further by offering you total network virtualization. After a long test phase, we are going to offer the VMware’s NSX solution which makes it possible to set your entire network configuration in a few minutes with an access to a library of preconfigured VMs to deploy load balancing, firewalls, or even VPNs.

The “As a Service” concept has become a must-have and as such is a recurring theme on Dedicated Cloud. Internally, the Lean approach allows us to focus on the essential, simplifying dozens of often complicated operations. Veeam Backup is a concrete example as only one click in vShpere is enough to backup your data.
We are going to expand the integration of new Veeam features, notably calendar management of your backups, customized reports and access to the Enterprise license, unlocking all of the features available in the solution’s control panel.

The step following your backup strategy is the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). What is your recovery plan if your main infrastructure fails? In order to address this issue, a solution called Zerto will be offered so that you can easily and remotely configure your disaster recovery plan.

Does your business require hosting some banking data? Since our Dedicated Cloud product is PCI DSS certified, we will offer you a simplified compliance option for your virtual infrastructure. With direct access to your administrative and technical documents, we can assist you step by step so that your Dedicated Cloud meets PCI DSS standard requirements.

When it comes to monitoring the health of your infrastructure and anticipating resource needs, we have developed vScope. This tool, first used in-house, provides somebasic key indicators that are vital to the management of your Dedicated Cloud. And to go even further, notably in response to the need for automatic scalability or advanced diagnostics, we propose the vROPS solution by VMWare which has already been deployed on some test infrastructures and delivers a comprehensive view of the infrastructure.

The 2016 Range
Following user feedback, we have decided to simplify our Dedicated Cloud offer. We will concentrate on a unique range made up of Intel processor, keeping the choice in power of hosts while adding new datastore capacities. For those needing even more power, we are currently testing vSAN technology and its stability under real conditions. If all the indicators are positive, we will see if this service can be integrated into Dedicated Cloud.

• Public Cloud and VPS by Jean-Guillaume Burlet

The year 2016 looks to be very exciting for the OVH Public Cloud teams. We're going to start by offering you some of the services that you expect: Openstack private networks through vRack,instancesbootable from a disk volume and even migration and inter-datacentre load balancing. As the IaaS range already gives you the choice of instances with optimized CPU or RAM, we will now offer a third, optimized disk option. Disks with boosted performance will respond to any of your projects requiring the most demanding read/write operations. PaaS will arrive as we will gradually introduce the following offers, all as a service: Database, Queue, Logs and Deploy.

VPS have not been excluded, since it already takes advantage of the Public Cloud infrastructure, it will therefore be compatible with our IP failover and vRack services. An option for additional disks will soon emerge to respond to the growing demand to modify storage size. Of course, we will continue to study the possibility of new distributions. Migration from VPS to Public cloud will also become a reality. Lastly, so that you are always best informed about all of the possibilities that we offer, you can expect more communication, documentation and transparency on our quality of service.



•Focus on Dedicated Servers, with Maël Dréano

Increased performance has been a key element of our dedicated servers for a number of years and will become our top priority. In 2016, OVH dedicated servers will see the arrival of new CPU architectures, new GPU cards, and even faster storage devices

Bringing you new storage solutions is our second goal for 2016, with new offers permitting to increase flexibility and scalability of storage, for centralized or distributed infrastructures.

Being able to measure more efficiently the performance of our infrastructures through new testing/benchmarking solutions will also become a main focus of our work. We will then be able to fine-tune our configurations based on issues that you may encounter and to adapt them to your actual usage.

We are also working on a full revamp of the ordering process - on the web site, directly from the API or from your customer control panel - so that you will be able to quickly integrate new resources to your projects.

Finally, new opportunities are also emerging with regards to server delivery. In addition to choosing the datacenter, it will be possible to choose the rack whre your server will be located and its delivery date. This is one more step in “rack awareness”.

•Focus on Exchange by Rémi Bacha

Exchange 2016 will be available on during the first quarter. As an OVH partner, you will be able to access the latest version of Exchange with advantageous pricing conditions.

Within the logic of continuous improvement of our migration to Exchange accounts, we are always listening to your expectations. Following several requests from our customers, we are going to make available to you the API version of the OVH Mail Migrator in the first quarter of 2016. This will permit you to develop your own migration applications or even to execute bulk migrations.

• What's new with the Partner Program? - by Marine Watterlot

2016 will see the launch of the Partner Program in North America.

This program now has more than 3,600 partners worldwide who benefit from the visibility offered by the OVH Partners directory, which has been designed as a guide for end clients searching for a local expert to assist them in their IT projects.

This directory will include a detail sheet of your company. It will also give you the opportunity to integrate one or several partner programs and to manage your business relationships with


This is not an exhaustive list! We have many other projects planned and as you know, it is innovation that motivates us, but it is your needs which are at the heart of our development. As you are our most important contributor, our roadmap is susceptible to modification thanks to your feedback.