How do you migrate your e-mail accounts in just a few clicks and at no cost?

Professional emails today, are really sensitive and critical data for businesses. It’s for this reason that businesses are often reluctant to make changes, whether to update their solution or to change provider.

Transferring email accounts can be difficult and the risk of data loss, especially email attachments, is real. However, maintaining accounts on own their own local servers creates vulnerabilities: server limits, employee negligence, incidents, etc.

In comparison, the use of professional hosting services offer unsurpassed guarantees. And for a good number of enterprises, when it’s comes time to renew their investment in a new server, the question arises concerning the choice to outsource email management.

This is why OVH has developed and offers, for free, a simple tool, that makes it possible to move email accounts in complete security. Already available to transfer from Gmail, IMAP and Exchange 2010 accounts to Exchange 2013 and soon 2016, OVH Mail Migrator is also compatible with Yahoo accounts. Now is the time to take advantage of all that this highly convenient service has to offer.

The advantages of OVH Mail Migrator:
An ultra simple interface that only requires filling in a few fields stating the source and destination of each account to make the switch.
Complete migration, all email content is transferred, no exception: addresses, attachments and incorporated content, calendars, tasks, and contacts.
Accounts are transferred seamlessly with mail being moved in its entirety all while maintaining: folder structure, message style and state (read, not read, responded).
Transparent tracking, users can monitor the progression of migration from their user control panel.
Confidentiality, OAuth2 is used to maintain security of information authentication. This is the case for Gmail and Yahoo accounts. In other cases, where the use of Oauth2 is not possible, passwords are encrypted and stored temporarily.
It is possible to migrate part of an account, without including contacts or agenda for example. Rollback and cancel features are also available.

Concerning the length of time necessary to complete the operation, metrics vary depending on the migration source. “To migrate from Office 365 to Exchange OVH, we average 20,000 e-mails per hour, explains Xavier Dauchy, project manager. For a full, 50 GB, Gmail account it takes 8 hours to migrate the entire account to Exchange because Gmail restricts the number of emails that can be moved per hour. It is therefore appropriate in this case to launch the operation at night and let it run overnight.”

There is no reason to go without the preferred email of businesses! Popular with professionals, Exchange OVH combines the most complete set of collaborative tools on the market with guaranteed high security hosting. Exchange OVH provides long term backup and storage of email accounts through daily backups and redundancy of all servers. The service provides a measured availability of 99.99%.

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