A new R&D Center in Quebec City focusing on User Experience.

OVH continues its development in Canada with a $32.9M investment geared towards the opening of a new technological hub located right at the heart of Quebec City, and allowing for the creation of 150 jobs in North America.

The project is being carried out with the support of economic development agency Québec International, and the financial support of nearly $400,000 from financing corporation Investissement Québec and Quebec City. These contributions will help creating 50 new high-quality jobs in IT - Quebec’s key sector - and build OVH's new premises.

OVH has achieved a lot in terms of hardware, but one of the missions of the Quebec office will be to "branch out into software" by developing increasingly innovative, efficient and secure services for OVH's customers worldwide. User experience will therefore be central to the mission of the new team.

OVH also wants to focus on networking with Quebec’s startup community to drive forward co-development projects, generate ideas and develop new services to support customer growth worldwide.

Quebec City is in fact increasingly recognized for its technological vitality. The Les Affaires newspaper reported in February that in the last 15 years, the ICT sector has grown twice as fast in Quebec City as in the entire province of Quebec. It's therefore no coincidence that the city is today "the champion of high-speed internet", as it currently has the best internet coverage in the province, with every one of its 300,000 households having access to fibre optic broadband. Pierre Leroux, OVH's Vice President of User Experience, knows these advantages only too well as he will manage the new site.

Quebec will be the third city in North America to welcome OVH. A press conference was held on April 16 to inaugurate the new offices.

Pierre, who moved to Quebec six years ago, is madly “in love with the city" and praises "the creativity, vitality and energy" of a place unto its own on the IT map. Pierre will be joined on his mission by Frank Häuselmann, OVH's newly appointed Technology Director. They will work together to "create new experiences in the Cloud" and shake up the "revolutions that are just around the corner." Internet of Things, virtual reality, smart cities: these are just some of the many new territories that OVH is getting ready to conquer.

The Montreal office is evolving: 100 new jobs will be created

Since setting up its first North American datacenter in Beauharnois (Quebec) two years ago, OVH has continued to launch into more and more projects. The surface area of its Montreal office should be tripled by the end of the first half of this year. 100 jobs will also be created for positions including application and interface developers, engineers and devops. There will be a huge variety of jobs, reflecting the ambition of a company that continues to combine growth and innovation.

Amongst other things at the new centre, there will be collaborative spaces where startups will be trained and supported, making this centre a real keystone for the IT community and the city.