At the heart of the OVH World Tour Toronto

In North America, where its ambition is to assert itself a little more each day, OVH opened the latest season of its World Tour in Toronto on April 23. This was an opportunity for visitors to discover -or rediscover- OVH and all together imagine the future of cloud and dedicated infrastructures, in the light of the latest innovations from the leader of Digital as a Service.

For its second edition, the OVH World Tour Toronto made some adjustments in form and in substance, in order to better stick to the reality of the market and the "meet-up" spirit that is in vogue in North America. The event was held at St James Cathedral Center, in an ultra-modern glass cube located next to an elegant church dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. It was at the end of the day, with a drink and in a relaxed atmosphere that OVH met with its current and future customers. Present for only three years in North America, the European cloud leader is on a mission to meet face to face with a public that may be less familiar with the OVH brand than in France, where the company has been in existence since 1999.

The challenge of the keynote: to paint a comprehensive portrait of OVH and its advanced technologies in cloud and dedicated infrastructures. Interest immediately grows once the public discovers the company’s key figures: 200,000 physical servers, 700,000 customers, nearly 1,000 employees, 3.5 Tbps network capacity, the world’s largest data center in capacity located in south Montreal… The scale and ambitions of OVH do not cast a shadow of a doubt for the public. A view shared by Intel, VMware and Microsoft, these OVH technical partners are present on each date throughout the entire tour.

The foundation is laid with the presentation of technologies made in OVH which makes the difference to the user. "We are firmly anchoring the 2015 World Tour on pragmatic innovation, with actual use cases taking advantage of technological components previously not seen before in the industry,” says Jérôme Arnaud, VP OVH Operations in North America. At the heart of the debate, the key issues of the cloud and analysis of the latest OVH innovations: how to build a virtual data center using vRacktechnology, shielding the user’s infrastructure via their own virtual private network, migration from dedicated to cloud with the public cloud solution known as RunAbove, or understanding the upheavals of the Internet of Things (IoT), which will be the mission of the new technological center specializing in R&D that the company opened in Quebec in mid-April. These are just some of the solutions to boost an infrastructure and resolve issues encountered by users. In the same spirit, the latter have been provided with vouchers to test, free of charge, OVH services (dedicated cloud, public, hybrid, VPS, dedicated server, storage), always with the desire to gather user feedback which allows OVH to offer the best in Digital as a Service.

Conversations, feedback and use cases: the user is more than ever at the center of the game and OVH will reaffirm this philosophy in the upcoming North American dates of the tour, New York in June, and by years end Boston, Washington, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec.

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