OVH World Tour Season 2

After meeting more than 4,000 customers during the first OVH World Tour, the OVH group is setting its sights even higher this year with a goal to meet 12,000 people. The hosting company has added some international destinations to its itinerary and enhanced the tour's content: it promises to be more technical, more oriented towards professionals and equally more accessible to beginners.

The OVH World Tour in Lille was held at the Pierre-Mauroy de Villeneuve-d’Ascq stadium, Lille OSC's homeground

In North America, where the ambitions of OVH will crescendo, twice as many dates have already been scheduled in comparison to last season. The kickoff of the North American leg of the tour, will be on April 23 in Toronto, with dates to follow in New York, Boston, Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. (list non exhaustive). To assure rich and fulfilling exchanges between participants and OVH, most of these events will take place in the more intimate “meet-up” format. Meet-ups taking place at the end of the work day, allow participants to spend as much time as needed to discuss their projects or have any questions addressed by the OVH team of experts. Hot topics will revolve around cloud computing issues: connected objects, how to build your virtual data center or transitioning from a dedicated infrastructure to the cloud.

Laurent Allard, the group's CEO, got up on stage, followed by Alexandre Morel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Nearly 400 visitors went to Lille to see what was in store for the OVH World Tour the second time round.

The stadium was packed out on the morning of 26 February, and any visitors who couldn't get a seat were able to watch the plenary keynote on one of 4 screens. Laurent Allard, the group's CEO, got up on stage, followed by Alexandre Morel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. They spoke about the group's local and global - or "glocal" - ambitions, newly released products and services and the roadmap of future innovations. The morning was jam-packed with announcements! In keeping with last year's tour, the event put two local companies in the spotlight - Giroptic and Vodkaster - to talk about their projects and infrastructures which are based on OVH solutions. Lastly, three of OVH's technical partners - Microsoft, Intel and VMware - announced that, among other things, Microsoft Office 365 is coming to OVH, OVH and Intel are collaborating to accelerate Big Data and the VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) - a distribution both packaged and supported by VMware - will soon be available.

The OVH World Tour is also an opportunity for customers and partners to discuss with each other and make beneficial professional contacts

A focus on reality

In the afternoon, around twenty OVH experts ran 17 labs and workshops. As a step-up from the previous OVH Summit, the labs now offer visitors the possibility to test live products, with the assistance of the OVH experts. Visitors at the World Tour in Lille could therefore test out the vRack and learn about the Dedicated Cloud environment and how to deploy one. On the programme for the 15 workshops: an overview of connected objects (Internet of Things), getting started with Docker and using a multi-datacentre. These business-oriented conferences were hugely successful.

The labs enabled visitors to get to know the OVH products and services

The world tour has kicked off

There were many representatives from the subsidiaries in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany, etc. at the World Tour in Lille. It's important to say that this year the specialist cloud and dedicated infrastructure teams will be visiting no less than 28 cities in 10 countries. Manchester, Rennes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Quebec and Boston are a handful of the new cities, while Belgium and Morocco have been added to the list of OVH World Tour countries.

Meet us in Toronto on April 23 to kick off to the World Tour in North America!

The OVH World Tour in Lille in pictures