"2015 Marks the Beginning of a New Cycle"

Learn about the wishes Octave Klaba sent to OVH customers on the evening of January 1st

On behalf of the OVH teams in all countries and all offices in France: Brest, Rennes, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg, Gravelines, Lille and of course Roubaix Valley, I have the huge pleasure to wish you for the 16th time, already, an excellent new year :)

OVH’s third 5 year cycle has come to an end. We’ve successfully accomplished our mission: we’ve got a foothold in North America, we have (nearly) 200,000 physical servers in our 17 data centers, shared hosting is Docker & Rocket-ready, we put .ovh into orbit, VDSL is offered throughout all of France and we have nearly 1000 passionate OVH employees working 24/7 for you :)

2015 marks the beginning of a new 5 year cycle. It’s going to be an exciting year because we hope to offer you our services worldwide and help you to grow. OVH has gone from a small business to a medium enterprise, to a company with nearly 1000 employees and will soon become a large group. We’ve seen a lot of phases in growth and we want to build on this experience and also encourage you to take risks in order to grow. Of course, we want to be your preferred provider for Web, Infrastructure, Cloud and Telecom (the latter in France only). But we also want to be your partner and show you how to grow and how you can also go from a small business to a company with nearly 1000 employees, and why not a large global group? Our customers who are already SMEs, larger companies or large global groups have many challenges to face, such as the cloud, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning. The aim is to analyze data to change the business model and keep the leadership in the domain.

Hmm… :) (I’ve now got a little smile on my face!)

All I can say to you today on January 1st 2015 at midnight is that 2015 and the next 5 years will be very… very, very exciting! :)

Best Regards,

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