7 reasons to choose a dedicated server OVH

OVH offers ultra-customizable machines to allow everyone to build their own outsourced servers solution, which take advantage of the best innovations of the leader in European hosting *.

Il est possible de choisir le centre de données où localiser son serveur. Ici, RBX.

1. Nearly 130 references of dedicated servers

OVH offers dedicated servers enriched and segmented according to the users. Thus, the three brands Kimsufi, So you start and OVH.com are meant to three major types of customers, and respond to specific needs. With machines at unbeatable prices, Kimsufi is for beginners, technophile students, or international resale, in emerging markets, for example. So you Start offers servers with an unmatched technology /price ratio, and targets businesses that want to start a new activity, or specific uses such as Game. Finally, servers in high-end and with a strong added value are sold under the OVH.com brand for the most demanding professionals.

Les serveurs Infrastructure et Enterprise de la marque OVH.com.

2. Each range its use

Entirely dedicated to professionals, the brand OVH.com offers Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure ranges, each covering a family of applications. The versatility of Enterprise machine meets all the needs of SMEs: hosting of a corporate website, extranet, messaging, business software, CRM, newsletters, etc. They also allow the regrouping of multiple business services on the same server. Recommended for web agencies and hosts, Hosting servers can be used to virtualize and share resources among multiple projects and / or clients. Finally, the Infrastructure range offers the ability to build complex, scalable and multi-datacenters infrastructures; and is intended for CIOs of large companies, IT companies, or publishers who market products SaaS wishing to outsource all or part of their services.

3. vRack: ideal for PRA / PCA strategies, hybrid or complex infrastructure

One of the great strengths of the Infrastructure range is a unique solution for virtual network, vRack. This allows to implement storage devices distributed either between two, or among three or four data centers, and to interconnect them within a private inter-datacenter network. Ideal as part of the implementation of a strategy for a recovery plan (DRP) and Business Continuity (BCP), the solution can be deployed in OVH French and Canadian data centers. vRack also allows to combine dedicated and cloud servers, and build n-tier infrastructures.

Les offres des gammes Infrastructure, Stockage, Big Data et Dedicated Cloud peuvent composer une infrastructure hybride.

4. Priority to the security and availability of data

The three brands have security as a common denominator, since they all benefit from the protection established by OVH against Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). While in expansion, these attacks are intended to make the targeted sites and servers unavailable. Highly performant, the anti-DDoS installed in three critical datacenters, scans incoming traffic for each server in real time. Upon detection of a Denial of Service attack, the traffic is sucked then sorted, leaving only legitimate data. All of OVH customers are therefore safe from any unavailability of their data.

OVH a mis en place une protection contre les attaques DDoS, dont bénéficient l'ensemble des serveurs dédiés.

5. Unprecedented options

The OVH.com servers put great emphasis on ultra-customization, each range has many options and services. With choices of CPU, RAM, RAID type or discs, each server of the Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure ranges, offers up to eight different configurations. These machines also benefit from 256 IPs included, a way for professionals to increase their exposure through IP geo, simplify migration from one machine to another, or support the activities of resellers, web agencies and publishers of online solutions.

6. Machines cut out for Big Data and HPC

The brand OVH.com also offers specialized of dedicated servers, centered on storage, high-performance computing (HPC) and Big Data. Accessing supercomputers or collecting, exploring and analyzing very large amounts of data, becomes accessible to professionals who can implement concrete initiatives, without having to invest heavily in an infrastructure of their own. OVH offers new opportunities for businesses in complementary and expanding areas. A significant competitive advantage for many companies, sleeping data being worth gold these days.

OVH met la puissance de son infrastructure et de son réseau au service de calcul haute performance.

7. The choice of data centers

Finally, it is possible to choose the data center where to host the server. Either in Canada at BHS, or in France at SBG (East), RBX or GRA (North), it is possible to bring a website or an application closer to its users, whether they are in Europe or in North America. OVH also gives an estimate of delivery time per machine per datacenter. Featuring 120 seconds to a few days' delay, this tool is a valuable support for decision.

Il est possible de choisir le centre de données où localiser son serveur. Ici, RBX.

* Source : Netcraft, January 2014.