5 reasons to go with a VPS before moving on to dedicated infrastructures

1. Hardware-free

Being knowledgeable of the material and environment is essential in order to manage dedicated infrastructures. “To build your whole business on a single server without any experience or knowledge on how to secure your platform is very risky”, says Benjamin Fichel, VPS Technical Prime at OVH. “To create a reliable dedicated infrastructure, you need a lot of machines and, consequently, system administration abilities and very important financial investments.”
This is why the VPS are the best choice: they allow clients to try their hand at system management, without having to know everything about the hardware. For instance, there is no need to panic anymore when a component fails because the OVH teams and systems react instantly (see box below). “With the VPS, no more sleepless nights spent reinstalling your data after a hard disk failed! The service automatically reboots on another physical server, with no data loss.”

The OVH team watches over the VPS infrastructure 24/7.

2. Have both quality and price

A VPS is a great financial compromise. For a reasonable price, OVH provides powerful and evolving resources and, more importantly, sound guarantees when it comes to availability. “Many developers and small businesses do not have the budget for two servers, observes Benjamin. They therefore cannot create any mirroring or redundancy, which, in case of a problem with the processor or a RAM module, leaves all of their services inaccessible, generating further consequences on their sales.”
As an expert in Internet infrastructures and Cloud computing, OVH created a reliable architecture for its VPS. It is in fact based on the international award-winning Dedicated Cloud offer, which insures maximum uptime.

OVH created a reliable architecture for its VPS based on the strong Dedicated Cloud offer.

3. Plain and simple

To go from web hosting entirely administered by OVH to a dedicated server on which one can do everything, including risking crashing the machine, can be rather stressful. The VPS were designed as a smooth transition. Through the customer area, OVH provides a plethora of functions for its virtual servers. Therefore, without any advanced knowledge on server management, one can use these tools to administer a VPS and easily do the following essential management operations: reboot, reinstall, upgrade, activate features, monitor, etc. Developers will note that all of these functions are also accessible through an application programming interface (API). Complete with the REST technology, it is a secure, whole and simple solution.

4. Save time

Whether you wish to focus on your core business (website hosting or web applications, for instance) or discover server administration, a VPS allows you to save precious time. Resources are available immediately and the software to operate them can be accessed in a few clicks.
Over 15 ready-to-use work environments are offered by OVH when a VPS is purchased, including default operating systems, pre-installed CMS, control panels or development architectures. It is also possible to change your mind at any time with the reinstallation order.

Over 15 work environments are offered by OVH when a VPS is purchased, including PrestaShop for e-commerce.

5. Feel free

VPS can easily fit inside a hybrid architecture, whether they constitute its foundation, or as a complement. “Some developers stick with the VPS because they feel comfortable with them and do not want to manage the whole hardware aspect, says Benjamin. But a lot of professionals use VPS for certain phases of their projects, like testing, and dedicated servers for the rest. Both environments are complementary.”

A human touch when needed

Every operations available to the user (reinstalling, rebooting, aborting, adding IPs, etc.) are monitored 24/7 by a stand-by team. If there is any issue, OVH specialists will take over and make sure that the action is executed as quickly as possible. “Rebooting a VPS takes about 30 seconds, says Benjamin Fichel. If any problem arises during the operation, for any reason, we react immediately. Rebooting will take a little longer than anticipated – less than 5 minutes – but will be completed. It is a quality guarantee for our clients: all of their requests are treated promptly.”