“With the dedicated Cloud, my offers are customized to answer to my clients’ needs.”

Stéphane Bertini

How would you describe your business?

I have been working in the IT industry for about twenty years. Even nowadays, fields like networking and hosting are difficult to grasp for many companies outside this sector of activity. I therefore realized that there was an opportunity to be the middleman between infrastructure providers such as OVH.com and clients like insurance or transportation companies, web and marketing agencies, etc. These enterprises all naturally have IT needs, but lack the knowledge or simply want to focus on their core businesses. Our job is therefore to resell outsourced managed hardware. In other words, we provide turnkey solutions. We act as an externalized IT department for our clients.

How did you decide on OVH.com as your provider?

Before, all the servers from which I would itemize and resell the resources were hosted by one of your competitors. However, we had a lot of downtime problems. When a service is unavailable for a short period of time, once in a while, clients can be forgiving. But when it becomes frequent, while I guarantee 24/7 availability, it becomes problematic.

OVH.com is known as one of the top providers in web hosting, so when I learned that you were coming to Beauharnois, near Montreal, I was interested right away. First, OVH.com offers a dedicated Cloud, which was not available with our previous hosting provider. Then, each time I would call OVH.com’s support, a technician would immediately give me pertinent answers to my questions. We quickly decided to move our entire infrastructure to OVH.com.

What are the main advantages of the dedicated Cloud for your operations?

Presently, 90% of our business is on our dedicated Cloud hosted at BHS. With the dedicated Cloud, I can give my clients exactly what they need. Before, I would rent dedicated servers for them with a specific amount of disk space and RAM. Sometimes it was too much, other times not enough, but mostly it was static, never evolving. Now, my offers are customized. And since I can add resources whenever I want, my clients’ changing needs can be taken care of within minutes. In some cases, I sometimes add one or more dedicated servers that are connected to our Cloud. In the end, I can offer, now more than ever, a VIP service.