’s dedicated Cloud charms the Midwest

What are the distinctive features of the Cloud Connect?

Jean-Sébastien Bruneau: It is an expo mainly focused on conferences. Most visitors were Midwestern IT managers currently in the process of defining their Cloud strategy.
In opposition to the VMWorld San Francisco, where the audience already knew the virtualization market perfectly, we decided to use a more pedagogic approach. It was a great opportunity for us to discuss with the administrators and show them the different solutions available.

How did you meet the managers’ expectations during your conferences?

For my first intervention, a 10 minutes keynote address, I summarized externalization strategies. The goal was to help the audience – about 500 people – to get a clear sense of the three types of possible solutions: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Then the next day, I focused on the particularities of’s Cloud. I most notably mentioned its flexibility, its cost-effective charging system, as well as our great experience in developing and delivering dedicated infrastructures.

Keynote: “The Cloud Triangle: Where Should You Be?”

How did the audience react?

These informative conferences really hit the mark. When the managers came to meet with us afterwards, they had a good understanding of the value of our services and the advantages of a solution like the Dedicated Cloud. It is very encouraging because, in contrast to the public Cloud, the dedicated Cloud was not very popular amongst the North American audiences not so long ago.

At your booth, what were the recurring questions asked by visitors?

The most asked question was: “In what way does the Dedicated Cloud differ from other dedicated IaaS offers?” We would then talk about our different approach when it comes to datacenters, our exclusive technologies, as well as our partnership with VMware. As an Internet infrastructure provider, it is indeed a priority for us that our customers have access to the best tools to manage and maximize the use of their clusters. And currently, VMware offers the most accomplished functionalities, such as DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler). Moreover, our mastery of dedicated infrastructures allows us to offer very affordable fees compared to our North American competitors.

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