Cloud Computing World Expo: OVH gets to the heart of the matter

Located in the  business district of La Défense, the Center for new industries and technologies was host to the Cloud Computing World Expo.

Wednesday, April 10th, 9am – At the hosting provider’s booth, things are moving: the team is preparing and spreading the presentation pamphlets for its Cloud products. The six representatives for the show make sure one last time that everything is in order, as the time comes to greet the first visitors.

10am – The Centre is not very busy yet. The crowd’s heterogeneity demonstrates how Cloud Computing is spreading over both professional and day-to-day usage: suits and ties walk alongside jackets and backpacks, consultants, big accounts, SMEs, VSBs and students are all blending together. “There are a lot more women this year”, someone said walking around the booths, signs of the feminization of the field?

The game « Pick an hubiC » offered a 100Gb hubiC account to each visitor.

12pm – The hosting provider’s booth is very crowded. Made especially for the expo, the game “Pick a hubiC” allows each visitor to receive a neck strap marked with the OVH logo, to which a promotional code is associated. This code gives access to a free 100 Go hubiC account for a year, and more surprises for some lucky people. “It gives an opportunity to discover the new hubiC, and what we are able to develop for the general public”, explains Adélaïde Moulière, product manager at OVH. She adds: “We could call this new version “hubiC 2.0”, because it is completely redesigned. New infrastructure, new ergonomics; we also added a synching feature, which was often requested by our customers.” At the same time, she shared the company’s ambition to soon provide the hubiC product to users around the world.

2:30pm – We go to the “Benefits and risks of the Cloud gateways” conference where Alexandre Morel, Cloud product and infrastructures manager at OVH, is invited to speak in front of a hundred people. The usage of Cloud computing for data storage and back up and, notably, the execution of continuity plans and business resumption plans (CP and BRP), attracted a lot of interest and numerous questions from the audience.

Round table: « Public cloud applications and internal enterprise applications: How can they collaborate/interface robustly? » was popular.

3:30pm – Back to the OVH booth where the visitors come one after the other to discover the new Cloud Public offers: Cloud Instances, Cloud Storage and Cloud Archive. Virtual servers on demand and payable by the hour, short and long term storage and archiving: with these solutions, the company from Roubaix completes its range of Cloud Computing offers and presents itself as one of the leader in the field.

5pm – Second round table of the day for Alexandre Morel, who is participating in the debate “Applications on a public Cloud and applications on a company’s internal MIS: How can they collaborate/interface durably?” The questions are now about the choices of Softwares as a Service (SaaS) and technologies allowing interoperability between internal and external Cloud systems, and their proper functioning. Indeed, the decision to externalize applications begins with a reflexion process on the degree of criticality, as virtualization should not be an end in itself. However, one conclusion was clear: to externalize applications that are not part of the core business boosts productivity for SMEs.

Alain Rigaux, OVH's sales director and Alexandre Morel, OVH's Cloud products and infrastructure manager.

7pm – Alain Rigaux, marketing director at OVH offers his report of the day: “This type of event is very rewarding. As a Cloud provider, it gives us the opportunity to better understand the needs and expectations of our current and future clients, which allows us to keep innovating and going in the right direction. We are now clearly identified as a fierce competitor to American giants.”

Quelques photos de l'événement :

All day long, OVH advisors were highly solicited.