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Frank & Oak elected among the most innovative start-ups

2015 / 02 / 13

Known to be an avant-garde of online commerce and user experience, Frank & Oak, a symbolic OVH client in North America, is among the top 10 most innovative start-ups in retail, according to Fast Company magazine....

2015 Marks the Beginning of a New Cycle

2015 / 01 / 14

Learn about the wishes Octave Klaba sent to OVH customers on the evening of January 1st...

To 2015... and Beyond

2014 / 12 / 24

Which services are the ones to watch? This year, in addition to the traditional retrospective, we wish draw attention to some of the projects that were started in 2014 and will be highlighted in 2015....

OVH in Poland: a branch in constant motion

2014 / 12 / 17

The opening of the first OVH subsidiary, in Poland in 2004, was made on the observation of the great resources available in a country that continues to prove itself in engineering and IT expertise. 10 years later, the Wroclaw team is a keystone for OVH...

vRack: an insight into the private network

2014 / 09 / 18

With the vRack (virtual rack), offers its clients the possibility to interconnect all their IT infrastructure components, located all over the world, via a private network. This is a huge innovation that meets the growing need amongst companies*...

OVH is accelerating R & D in data centers

2014 / 09 / 18

Henri Klaba, CEO of OVH, is deeply involved in the design and R&D of the group’s data centers. He focuses on the latest innovations to leave his laboratory, as well as on data centers, one of which is planned for Germany by 2015...

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