Dedicated servers for one week

Get a dedicated server
for 7 days!


Want to use and learn more about , without committing, the performances of the dedicated servers of the Enterprise, Hosting or Infrastructure range? With the one week offer, you can validate various projects:

Test the configuration and compatibility of your applications
(proof of concept)

You want to move to a new platform and test your environment on the dedicated servers you plan to order

Supplement your infrastructure during an expected peak in traffic

You are expecting a one-off activity peak
on your platform,
scale it up by adding
the servers needed to
handle the load

scalability tests

Test the dimensioning
of your architecture to confirm
your final order requirements

Confirm the suitability of the OVH infrastructure

Are you are new customer?
Test your servers, our infrastructure
and our services to confirm
your final choice

One week to approve your dedicated server

One week server rental enables you to test the dimensioning of servers and make sure that it meets your specifications.
During this one week period, you get unrestricted use of our dedicated servers and you can experiment with the different options available on each machine (such as Load balancing IP , Failover IP, NAS).

Included with the offer:

With one week server rentals, you get unlimited domain licenses for the most widely known products on the market, including Windows, as per the list below:

At the end of the week, if you keep your servers, these licenses will become payable at the current prices (excluding the Hosting range).

Want to keep your servers and your data?

Simply renew your server and sign up to our classic offers before the 7 day period ends through your Control Panel. You will then continue to have access to your servers and any environments already installed.
If you don't take action, your access will be disabled at the end of the 7 days and your data will be totally and irreversibly deleted on the date of expiry.

Questions? Check out our FAQ