The OVH Professional Dedicated Servers

from: $94.99 /month

Your included services with each server

256 Failover IPs included*

500 GB Backup Storage

Anti-DDoS Pro

Over 90 preinstallations

High-tech components

Expert assistance


With its 6 ranges of dedicated servers, OVH wants to cover a variety of uses while providing real value to our customers. Whether bandwidth, disk type or RAID level, you can customize your server in order to deliver you the performance that you require.

Many options and over 90 distributions are available to allow you to optimise your dedicated server to meet your needs: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, HPC, Big Data, storage, enterprise server, etc. .. OVH dedicated server hosting‘s SLA includes 24/7 support provided by a team of experts.

5 questions to ask yourself before choosing your dedicated server

  • What is the scope of my project?
  • How long do I plan to keep it?
  • What type of services and support do I need?
  • How many machines does my project require and to what degree of security?
  • Are the servers for myself or my clients?